Focus T25 Results and Review – The Nitty Gritty (Updated with my Personal Results!)

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The Straight Jacket – My Journey Through Insanity Pt. 6

So up until this point in INSANITY, the workouts had apparently been quite pansy-like.  I mean, 40-45 minutes of high-intensity cardio 6 days a week…that’s just a warmup, right?! That must have been what Shaun T said when he started putting together Month 2, as he decided that the workouts needed to be LONGER and […]

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Wake Up and Work Out!

Unless your internal clock is hardwired to yank your eyelids open at the crack of dawn every morning, you’ve probably struggled with getting out of bed the moment your alarm clock goes off to start a workout. I know I have. You can’t just wake up and work out.  When you’re tired, your mind can […]

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The Straight Jacket – My Journey Through Insanity Pt. 5

Let’s all say it together: Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh…… That is the sound of someone (in this case, me) getting to the Recovery Week of INSANITY.  The first month tested me like no other program ever has before, and while it wasn’t always fun, it definitely showed me what I’m made of. While the Recovery Week is the […]

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Slim Down for Summer Promos

Summer is right around the corner.  Are you ready for shorts, swimsuits, and sunshine? A lot of us set New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape.  Then…we procrastinate.  Particularly if you live in a cold weather climate, you may say “What does it matter if I’ve got a six-pack?  I have to wear this giant […]

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The Straight Jacket – My Journey Through Insanity Pt. 4

Last week of the first month of INSANITY!  I may not be ready to be institutionalized just yet, but I’m well on my way there.  This week had some real up and downs, but I had a real breakthrough as far as focus is concerned.  Read on… Day 22: Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. Did […]

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The Straight Jacket – My Journey Through Insanity Pt. 3

Week 3 of INSANITY…halfway through the first month!  And guess what that means…that’s right, Fit Test #2! Time to see how pre-INSANITY me measures up with 2-week INSANITY me… Day 15: Fit Test. Very excited to post this morning! Despite weighing in heavier than I started the program (187 this morning, started at 185.5), I […]

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