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A little background on me, and how Team Revved came to be.

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True Transformation is about the Journey.  What do you want yours to be? ...

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8 Tips To Eat Healthy on a Budget

We all know we should eat healthy.  Shoot, when you have the right recipes, healthy food can be just as tasty as some of our favorite artery-clogging choices out there. But it costs more to eat healthy, doesn’t it? “Well, this Snickers is only 50 cents and will keep me full just as long as […]

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How Being “Humble” Can Hold You Back

Do you consider yourself to be “Humble?” While there are many positive attributes associated with the word, if you have some big goals you’d like to achieve, going about them in a “humble” way can actually wind up holding you back. Learn to look for ways you might be sabotaging yourself by being “humble,” and […]

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Meet Harvey and Emma – Team Revved Has Gone International!

Several months ago, I received an email from a guy named Harvey. Now, I’ve gotten emails from people from all over the country.  In fact, most of the folks I coach I’ve never met in person because they happen to live in another part of the US.  We interact through Facebook, email, and the phone […]

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What’s the Best Time of Day to Workout?

I typically like to workout first thing in the morning, when my schedule allows.  I find it’s the best time for me mentally to get into it, and I find that the endorphins it releases and energy it gives me sets the tone for my entire day.  When I don’t get a workout in early, […]

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There’s No Perfect Way To Do It – Motivation Monday

Sometimes when we try to hold ourselves to a high standard, we wind up sabotaging our efforts more than we push ourselves to improve. We also don’t enjoy the process as much, and we make everything we do to achieve our goals merely a means to an end. Check out this video for some reasons […]

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Husband and Wife Team = No Limits (Our Newest Beachbody Coaches)

As a happily married man myself, I enjoy seeing other couples who work together towards common goals.  Particularly when that goal is to help others change their lives and improve their health.  That’s epic right there! It is with great pleasure that I introduce our newest coaches to the Team Revved team – Chris Hayes […]

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